Making the boys' night out one to remember

It's where legends are born…the boys' night out. It is, so goes the tradition, the night of nights where manhood reigns, and female folk are forgotten – well, to a degree. It's about male bonding and its history has been traced to the Neolithic period and humankind&#

Here's a few ideas on how to create a guys night out that you'll never forget…

Brain storm

With social networking sites and email, the online revolution has replaced the conference call and it's never been easier to get all your buddies in the one place at the same time. You’re a bright bunch of guys, aren’t you? Throw some ideas around – be daring, be adventurous.

Plan ahead

Does our chosen venue of male bonding need reservations? Is everyone going to be drinking, or can you designate a driver? Will you need a cab or cabs? Or is everywhere on your route within walking distance? If you do become, shall we say inebriated, and you can’t go home to your wife or girlfriend in that state, do you have somewhere you can crash for the night? Is there enough of a group for you to consider hiring a party bus and driver? As the Boy Scouts Of America say: "be prepared". - fun and frivolity take serious planning.

Be spontaneous

Some of the best boys nights out happen spontaneously. You agree to meet at your favorite night spot and take it from there. But we wouldn’t be responsible dating site tipsters if we didn't tell you to make one contingency plan about how to get home safely if the beer starts overflowing. After all, boys will be boys…

Define your purpose

Who is the man of honor in your gang? Perhaps this is a buck's party and that's why you're talking about going out on the town. Or perhaps he's an old college buddy in for a flying visit. Whoever it is, come up with something tailor-made to pay homage to this guys' night out's master of ceremonies.

Apart from bars, restaurants, casinos and night spots, some other fun and very Y-chromosome things to do include Paintball and Clay Target Shooting as well as your more standard sports like golf.

All sound like a headache?

Check the internet to see if there are any pre-planned guys' nights in your city. The holy grail of boys nights out - you're all single - some singles dating websites host regular singles parties, go online and see for yourself.

No place like home

Can you or one of your buddies get the place to yourself for a night? Get your friends to bring their sleeping bags (no, it's not a slumber party, it's responsible partying) and some food and drink while they're at it. Home can bypass all the excess drinking issues and leave you and your gang in a micro-world where men can be men in the company of men. Strippers are optional.