Development Of New Materials For Extension Drilling Tools

Reaming Bit is a slender rod system composed of drill bits, drill rods, drill tails and other components.

Reaming Bit is a slender rod system composed of drill bits, drill rods, drill tails and other components. It is used for rock drilling in construction projects in the fields of mining resources, transportation and road construction, hydropower project construction, and urbanization construction. The main tool.
During use, drilling tools are subject to severe abrasion of rock and ore, high-pressure water flow or airflow, and erosion and corrosion of pit water. They have to carry the rock drill piston about 2000-300 times per minute, and each impact is as high as 80-750J. Impact work, impacts the rock at high speed under tension, compression, bending and torsional stress, and finally drills a blast hole in the rock for placing explosives. Due to the use conditions and complex stress conditions, the products of drilling tools often fail in the form of stress corrosion fatigue fracture, and the service life is usually more than ten minutes to dozens of hours. It can be said that the products of rock drilling tools are consumable tools that are indispensable for basic industries in terms of severe stress, short service life, high technical content, and basic industries.
  At present, my country's mining engineering department consumes about 120,000 tons and more than 50 million pieces of drill steel and drill tools annually, worth nearly 4.5 billion yuan. The annual capacity of the foreign rock drilling tool product market is nearly tens of billions of dollars. Due to various historical reasons and the backward drilling tool technology and production management in my country for many years, compared with the products of foreign drilling steel and drilling tool companies, domestic rock drilling and drilling tools products exist in terms of performance, product quality, variety and specifications, etc. A certain gap. Therefore, paying attention to strengthening the research and development of domestic brazing steel and drilling tools will further promote the development of my country's brazing steel and drilling tools industry.
  The importance of drilling tools research and development and precautions for the use of drill pipes! With a drill bit, there must be a "brother" drill pipe. What a drill pipe is, we can easily understand literally, let's take a look at the precautions for the use of the drill pipe!
1. When using for a drilling and digging, you should first "grind the new buckle", which includes, first apply the threaded oil to scientific and technological innovation, and then use the drill to fully tighten the buckle. When the domestic demand is opened, the threaded buckle is applied. Reopen the oil and repeat this three times to avoid new wear and snapping.
2. Keep the drill pipe in a straight line between the ground and the ground as much as possible, so as to avoid the side force of the threaded part and cause unnecessary wear and tear, and even jump the drill pipe. Pay attention to anchor the drill to avoid stress during construction Movement is very important.
3. When using a new drill pipe with Extension Drilling Tools, make sure that the thread of the drill head (to protect the shaft head) is also close to the new one. A broken rotor can easily damage the thread of the new drill pipe and cause water leakage. , Snapped, loosened, etc.