Introduction To Rock Button Bits In Winter

So what should I pay attention to when using Drill pipe in winter?


The cold weather in winter often makes many mechanical and application parts unable to perform to their normal level, and the changes in the geological layer structure in winter also affect the normal use of Rock Button Bits. So what should I pay attention to when using Drill pipe in winter?
Note for Rock Button Bits in winter:
1. For the unused Rock Button Bits, we should release the places where one person does not often go. Don't let them touch each other, because touching each other will damage them.
2. Oil the unusual Rock Button Bits in time. Because you don't use it frequently, it may get rusty, so oil it in time. This is also good for the tool.
3. For the Rock Button Bits that are in use, it will take a while to let them take a break. The tools are just like human beings. There are also times when they are tired, so don't always stare at one.
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