Safe Production Of Water Well Drilling Tools

The drill bit plays a pivotal role in the Rock Button Bits drilling process.

The drill bit plays a pivotal role in the Rock Button Bits drilling process. The quality of a drill bit directly affects the efficiency of water well drilling and the quality of the hole. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the selection and use of the drill bit. During the drilling process, the operator should pay attention to the use of the drill bit to make the drill bit better for production operations.

Several aspects of the drill bit in Rock Button Bits need to pay attention to:
1. After the drill bit of Rock Button Bits has been drilled into the structure, the center drilling tool needs to be replaced in time. First, the bottom of the hole needs to be cleaned, and then the residue at the bottom of the hole is blown clean. After the drill stops rotating, put the Rock Button Bits The drill tool is slowly lifted upwards. It is most suitable when the lifting force is just enough to lift the drill tool.

  1. The drill bit of Rock Button Bits is summarized in the drilling process. It is also necessary to pay careful attention to the follow-up situation of the casing, to understand the specific situation in the hole in time, and keep the hole clean when necessary, and the drill bit in Rock Button Bits It is forbidden to pull out forcefully during the drilling process.
  2. The bottom of the hole of Rock Button Bits may leave a lot of residual slag. The rotating part of the eccentric bit will be blocked by the slag, which will affect its gathering production. At this time, it is necessary to deliver compressed air and re-execute the hole. Clean and make the down-the-hole hammer work for a short period of time, and then resume the lifting operation of the center drill.

How to choose drill bits for different rock formations

The drill bit is one of the important drilling tools in the Rock Button Bits drilling. It can be said that without the drill bit, the Rock Button Bits equipment cannot start production normally. This shows the importance of the drill bit in Rock Button Bits. For different types of Rock Button Bits equipment, different drills are required in production. When choosing a drill for Rock Button Bits equipment, you should pay attention to the following aspects:


  1. When producing in soft rock with better drillability, the drilling speed is faster, and it is necessary to choose a larger slag discharge and higher slag quality, preferably a four-wing shape.
  2. When producing in hard rock, due to the high strength of the rock, each column tooth and bit need to bear a larger amount of load, so it is necessary to choose a bit with higher strength of the bit body and column tooth.
  3. When drilling rocks containing clay, the slag discharge hole is often blocked due to the loose clay, so you can choose a side slag discharge drill.
  4. Water Well Drilling Tools can choose a wedge-shaped bit to ensure safe production when drilling in rocks with better toughness.